In this guide, you will learn how to transfer any token from polygon (Matic Network) to Ethereum blockchain faster and without any mistake. The process has been broken down in a way that any novice can understand and apply the knowledge instantly.

Matic blockchain is also known as polygon network, it is a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain that allows easy and faster exchange of digital assets. For a very long time, transaction costs on the ethereum blockchain have continued to increase, and it is getting slower every year because of its level of adoption.

To put in…

Velas blockchain is currently the fastest EVM network that is built on Solana technology to ensure easy usage of decentralized networks without any compromise. There have been a lot of questions in our community on how to set up Velas network on metamast, and this is a full tutorial that will guide you on how to add Velas to metamask without any BS.

I hope that you already have metamask installed on your device. Otherwise you need to visit the Metamask website in order to download the mobile app or extension.

Configuration Settings

Network Name: Velas Chain


Chain ID…

Each time that Bitcoin experienced a price surge, it brings in a lot of attention to the cryptocurrency industry, more people want to know how they can join the crypto bandwagon and make gains for themselves. Interestingly, some enthusiasts discover that there is more to learn other than buying and holding Bitcoin. They soon find out that there is something called “blockchain’ that powers Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. …

The AMA Venue

First Segment: Brief Introduction

As part of preparation for the launch of AMPT protocol’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and public token sales, the team, in partnership with Velas Blockchain Community, did an AMA.This is necessary in order to intensify efforts on awareness and educate more cryptocurrency communities on DeFi products that we are working on.

The AMA was anchored by Erazan, while the AMPT protocol Team was represented by Vadim and Eugene. Here is the recap of the AMA session.

Before we discuss the AMPT protocol, let’s talk about you, also how did your team build AMPT protocol, and how would you describe it?

The world’s medical pharmaceutical industry is faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to clinical trials of drugs. This problem is evident in time to make drugs and vaccines available to the masses during the current global pandemic. One would think that we ought to have learned a lot from the Ebola pandemic that claimed lives of many people in Africa. RIght now, there seems to be improved drug manufacturing technology, but it takes a lot of finance and time to make them available to the masses.

Clinical Trial Problem

The current issues are fragmented data that are scattered across the…

Maybe you have stablecoins lying fallow in your wallet, they can be saved in exchange for up to 4–16 percent annual profit return (APR) on savings. In this article, we will look at different loan platforms, their APR, loan duration, minimum and maximum acceptable deposit.

Crypto Stablecoins As Passive Income Opportunity

JustLend is powered by the Tron blockchain and it is the biggest decentralized lending platform on the network, as it offers juicy APR to suppliers of stablecoins, with USDJ having the highest APY of 16.83 percent. …

Here is a full tutorial on how to earn free hoodies and NFT on coinmarketcap.

You don’t like to read 3 minutes article?

Watch the 43 seconds tutorial now…

Some months back, coinmarketcap launched a loyalty program that rewards users everyday. If you ask me, it is a means to earn free crypto instantly. Well. maybe it is not crypto tho, but you got my point, right?

Earn Crypto Daily

Coinmarketcap was founded in 2013, even before the existence of Binance, which is now the parent company. …

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to deposit any cryptocurrency on coinex platform even if you have never used coinex exchange before.

Trade Crypto on Coinex Exchange

You will learn the best and most secured way to deposit and trade on centralized exchanges like coinex. The platform have loads of exciting bonuses for new users.

Click Now and Watch the Tutorial

If you have any question, ask me in the comment box.

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Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola has been trading cryptocurrency since 2015, and he is a blockchain content creator, and a crypto coach at Cryptoniche. You can connect with him on:

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Kucoin lauched a native blockchain called kucoin community chain in last few weeks, and it is obviously a fork of Ethereum but it uses different consensus algorithm called PoSA (Proof of Stake Authority).

This article is about setting up kucoin on metamask..

If you don’t wanna read this guide because of time, you can go straight to Youtube and watch this tutorial.

I want to believe that you have Metamask extension installed on your chrome browser already, it also makes sense if you have metamast app installed on your mobile phone.

Here is the configuration settings

Configuration Settings:


The cryptocurrrency ecosystem is getting more interesting every month.

It all started when Binance forked Ethereum blockchain and created Binance Smart Chain.

Quickly, other exchanges launched out, then we have Heco chain and Okex chain.

About a week ago, Coinex launched it’s own blockchain called Coinex Smart Chain.

I know that you want to have information about Coinex Smart Chain configuration for metamask.

If you are concerned about your time, I recommend that you watch the video tutorial now.

Full Comprehensive Tutorial

For Those Who Prefer to Read The Guide, Here is it:

  1. Go to and add it to your chrome browser.
  2. If you have metamask already, skip the first…

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