How to Add Coinex Smart Chain Configuration to Metamask

Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola
3 min readJul 3, 2021


The cryptocurrrency ecosystem is getting more interesting every month.

It all started when Binance forked Ethereum blockchain and created Binance Smart Chain.

Quickly, other exchanges launched out, then we have Heco chain and Okex chain.

About a week ago, Coinex launched it’s own blockchain called Coinex Smart Chain.

I know that you want to have information about Coinex Smart Chain configuration for metamask.

If you are concerned about your time, I recommend that you watch the video tutorial now.

Full Comprehensive Tutorial

For Those Who Prefer to Read The Guide, Here is it:

  1. Go to and add it to your chrome browser.
  2. If you have metamask already, skip the first step.
  3. Launch your metamask
It will display like this if you are connected to Heco chain network.

4. Now, change the network to “Custom RPC”.

Custom RPC is the last option under network

5. You will use the follow configuration to setup Coinex Smart Chain network


Network name: Coinex Smart Chain (or name it as you wish)

ChainID: 52

Symbol: CET


6. Your settings should look like what I have in this screenshot

Right coinex smart chain settings for metamask

7. Click on ‘save’ to save it on your metamask.

You can see that ‘New Network’ changed to Coinex Smart Chain.

8. Close the settings tab, you have successfully added Coinex Smart Chain settings to your metamask.

You can now send and receive CSC compartible tokens.

Note: Coinex will take a snapshot on 7th of July 2021, kindly wait until this event happen before you start sending CET coin to your metamask wallet


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Your metamask can now interact with dApps on Coinex Smart Chain seamlessly.

If you are looking for metamask settings for Coinex Smart Chain (CSC), there you have it.

It is really easy to configure metamask for CSC.

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