How To Configure Metamask for Velas Network (Full Tutorial)

Velas blockchain is currently the fastest EVM network that is built on Solana technology to ensure easy usage of decentralized networks without any compromise. There have been a lot of questions in our community on how to set up Velas network on metamast, and this is a full tutorial that will guide you on how to add Velas to metamask without any BS.

I hope that you already have metamask installed on your device. Otherwise you need to visit the Metamask website in order to download the mobile app or extension.

Configuration Settings

Network Name: Velas Chain


Chain ID: 106

Currency Symbol: VLX

Block Explorer:

If You Prefer to Read Full Guide on How To Configure Metamask for Velas Network RPC

  1. Go to and add it to your chrome browser.
  2. If you have metamask already, skip the first step.
  3. Launch your metamask

4. Now, change the network to “Custom RPC”.

5. You will use the above configuration to setup Velas Network

6. Your settings should look like what I have in this screenshot

7. Click on ‘save’ to save it on your metamask.

8. Close the settings tab, you have successfully added Velas Network settings to your metamask.

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Your metamask can now interact with dApps on Velas Network seamlessly.

If you are looking for metamask settings for Velas Network (VLX), there you have it.

It is really easy to configure metamask for VLX.

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Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola


Blockchain content creator, full-time cryptocurrency trader and author of ‘Remote Crypto Job Is Waiting for You.’ Social Media Director at Althash University.