How to Set Up Kucoin on Metamask (Full Tutorial)

Kucoin lauched a native blockchain called kucoin community chain in last few weeks, and it is obviously a fork of Ethereum but it uses different consensus algorithm called PoSA (Proof of Stake Authority).

This article is about setting up kucoin on metamask..

If you don’t wanna read this guide because of time, you can go straight to Youtube and watch this tutorial.

I want to believe that you have Metamask extension installed on your chrome browser already, it also makes sense if you have metamast app installed on your mobile phone.

Here is the configuration settings

Configuration Settings:

Network Name: KCC-MAINNET


Chain ID: 321

Currency Symbol: KCS

Block Explorer URL:

For Those Who Prefer to Read The Guide, Here is it:

  1. Go to and add it to your chrome browser.
  2. If you have metamask already, skip the first step.
  3. Launch your metamask
It will display like this if you are connected to Heco chain network.

4. Now, change the network to “Custom RPC”.

Custom RPC is the last option under network

5. You will use the above configuration to setup Kucoin Community Chain network

6. Your settings should look like what I have in this screenshot

7. Click on ‘save’ to save it on your metamask.

You can see that ‘New Network’ changed to kucoin Community Chain.

8. Close the settings tab, you have successfully added Kucoin Community Chain settings to your metamask.

You can now send and receive KCS compartible tokens.

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Your metamask can now interact with dApps on Kucoin Community Chain seamlessly.

If you are looking for metamask settings for Kucoin Community Chain (KCC), there you have it.

It is really easy to configure metamask for KCC.

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