How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency and Earn 6 Figures Income

Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola
4 min readSep 9, 2021


Each time that Bitcoin experienced a price surge, it brings in a lot of attention to the cryptocurrency industry, more people want to know how they can join the crypto bandwagon and make gains for themselves. Interestingly, some enthusiasts discover that there is more to learn other than buying and holding Bitcoin. They soon find out that there is something called “blockchain’ that powers Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are interested in how you can start a career in the cryptocurrency industry because you are somehow aware of the opportunities that exist within the space.

We are going to look at career opportunities in the blockchain and the skills that will help you get your dream job. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has been accepted as the new baby in the world’s financial market. A $2.06 trillion industry is worthy of some attention by the news media, and it is enjoying a lot of it recently.

A lot of people already gave up on the blockchain industry before they even have a chance to understand how blockchain works. They convinced themselves that only programmers have the chance to succeed and earn 6 figures annual income in the industry, this is a misconception that I want to help you clear. Your current job role can be integrated into the cryptocurrency industry. There is a massive opportunity for everyone willing to put skin in the game. By taking some online courses, something magical can happen within a year.

Would You Like to Go Full-time Into Crypto?

About 7 years ago, there was misinformation in the mainstream media that Bitcoin is private money, hence it is a bubble that will burst very soon. Some experts compared the 2017 crypto crash to the Dotcom crash, others referred to it as a Tulip. Is it? No, this article will address your doubts.

In 2020, scary technology began to trend, and media reported its future potential and how to will revolutionize all industries. This was followed by a sharp rise in demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs on LinkedIn and other job portals. Currently, demand for those who have skills in relevant crypto niches still outweighs supply. So, if you are considering a career shift, it is worth it. A developer or marketing director in a blockchain firm could earn as much as $170,000 a year.

Also, it is possible to rise to the senior level in the blockchain industry within 24 months, this kind of privilege is unprecedented, and this industry is still at the infant stage of its development. Earning thousands of dollars every month through remote work without prior knowledge is something that sounds unbelievable in the traditional finance industry. But this is already happening in the crypto space.

All you need is dedication, zeal, self-discipline, commitment, and the right education by taking online courses. There are so many that achieved 6 figures annual income through crypto job already, this is enough motivation for you.

Blockchain is beyond cryptocurrency, it can be deployed in several other industries like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), agriculture, accounting, logistics, medicine, real estate, oil and gas, fashion, music, and art. Regardless of your current job position, you should start learning about a problem that blockchain could solve in your industry. Most crypto jobs can be done remotely, this is one of the advantages in this industry.

Where Should You Start From?

In the beginning, you’d be overwhelmed by the number of choices in the industry, and how to get started. This is a critical point and you have to think it through, if, after a while, you are still not sure of where you fit in the industry, then a crypto job is probably not meant for you.

You need to have a strong belief that has all it takes to get a job and proceed by making plans. There are important questions that you need to ask yourself; would you like to work for a cryptocurrency/blockchain startup? Or do you want to become a developer and render service as a freelancer, or work for yourself?

Create a roadmap that you can follow until you achieve success. Maybe you are not sure of how to create a plan yet, the next article will give you important clues.

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