Interesting Facts About CKB and What Blockchain Experts Didn’t Tell You About Nervos Network

I have been an ardent follower of Nervos Network CKB for awhile. In case you don’t know what this project is all about, it is a blockchain that is providing a universal solution to bitcoin and ethereum scalability problems. I like to call it the most efficient layer 2 for all layer 1 chains. To a large extent, Nervos Network is agnostic, any smart contract that works as an ethereum virtual machine will run seamlessly on Nervos Network. This is one of several unique selling points of this blockchain.


Do you know that Nervos Network raised $28 during 2018 crypto winter in private sale?


Why Incubation Lab?


Safer Ethereum Store


What’s Up With Force Bridge?

One of the biggest milestones that Nervos Network crushed in 2021 is Force Bridge. This cross-chain smart contract system will ensure that any code that works on the Ethereum network can be successfully deployed on Nervos. Any decentralized exchange can leverage this and build a bridge between ERC-20 tokens and Nervos, this will allow faster swaps and cheaper transaction fees for Dex traders.

Is That All About Nervos?


Developers Infrastructure

In the last 2 years, the community keeps expanding in all continents of the world. Nervos have had 8 partnerships that brought in more infrastructure for developers. Chainlink, Grin, Band Protocol and others came to work with the network to make the work of programmers easier.

Loyal Community

There are 4 strong communities behind Nervos, amongst them are top content creators, bloggers, crypto traders, enthusiasts, graphics designers, social media influencers, and thought leaders. They are Nervos Nation, CKB Fans, Nervos Community, and CKB Bar.

Wallets Providers

Currently, 13 other wallets support CKB. So you have the choice between a wallet that was created by Nervos and a dozen others like Imtoken, Math Wallet, Token Pocket and so on.

Mining Pools

There are 10 pools currently mining CKB, if you are looking forward to creating passive income, this is the best opportunity, join any of these pools and earn more CKB.


The blockchain landscape is changing, and technology that exists without adaptability will surely fade away. Nervos is positioned to be the growth partner of future decentralized financing and applications. Join the revolution today.

Blockchain content creator, full-time cryptocurrency trader and creator of ‘Profitable Cryptocurrency Trading Bot’ Course. Co-founder of Thinkerspool Book Club.