Review of ToTheSmart Crypto Miner: Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Video Version of The Review of ToTheSmart Mining

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?

It is defined as a computational process where transactions on the public blockchain are verified and new block rewards are found in a Proof-of-Work blockchain. The miner that is among the first to win the competition will get a significant part of the block reward.

How Cloud Mining Works

When you buy mining equipment and set up a mining farm, the moment you decide to lease it out to other people over the internet, you are doing a cloud mining business. The buyers will pay for energy, equipment hash power, cooling system, and internet. It is your duty to take care of the farm and ensure that there is no downtime. Those that paid for your service are called cloud miners, while your business is referred to as cloud mining.

Does ToTheSmart Have A Real Miner?

I went through the website, and they are yet to provide any information about their previous experience in crypto mining. There is no mining license on their website, and it does not look like they know how Antminers work. That’s funny.

Is ToTheSmart Paying YouTubers to Shill It?

Yes, I believe. Before they launch the project on the 18th of July 2022, there have been a lot of YouTubers who are shilling it heavily to their subscribers, and this is one of the reasons why I wrote this review of ToTheSmart. I don’t want you to fall victim to another scam.

Is ToTheSmart Mining A Scam?

If you invest in a business that claimed to be running a mining business, but there is no product to support the business model. What do you call such business?

Is ToTheSmart Legit?

Did I hear you asking this question? Lols. They have no business document, and no license to operate. Guess what? Their domain name was registered 4 months ago and the business owners are anonymous.

Is ToTheSmart A Ponzi?

Yes, it is.

According to Coindesk

Is ToTheSmart Mining Profitable?

Yes, Ponzis are always profitable but don’t come late to the party. Also, the owner of the Ponzi can say goodbye without notice and your money will be gone!

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Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

Blockchain content creator, full-time cryptocurrency trader and author of ‘Remote Crypto Job Is Waiting for You.’ Social Media Director at Althash University.