The Tough Battle Between Julswap and Pancakeswap | Who Is Gives Best Reward to Liquidity Providers

Blockchain, powered by cryptocurrency has gone a long way in changing how people interact in the financial industry. And year 2020 ushered in DeFi, popularly known in the crypto space as decentralized financing.

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On the traditional exchange, all traders join the platform to provide liquidity on exchange; they pay trading fees amidst low security because their money is in custody of the exchange, which is a centralized authority. The challenge of MtGox is still fresh in memory of old traders.

This insecurity, lack of anonymity and uneven distributions of wealth are the top challenges that decentralized platforms have come to resolve. For the first time in history, people are rewarded for providing liquidity on exchange, this is revolutionary and it changed the way trading is done.

Uniswap is the first decentralized exchange that made this possible through the liquidity formula that shares 0.3% trading fees with the liquidity providers. This is an automated process and it is distributed based on providers’ shares in the pool. Sharply, we saw the rise of other dex offering protocols like JustLiquidity that promised higher reward for traders that provide liquidity.

They have products like JulSwap for instant buying and selling also known as swaps, and a high yield staking program too. This video is about in-depth research on the platform with best ROI (return on investment) for liquidity providers.

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The battle is between Pancakeswap liquidity and JustLiquidity. Pancake swap is the top Dex on the Binance smart chain, it is aiming to overtake Uniswap, the Dex with the highest trading volume on Ethereum Network. The fight is between the big guy and underdog. For the record, Julswap with her JULD and JULB token, have given more than 1,000% ROI to early token holders in the last 60 days. In this video, let us see the winner!!

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