Top 5️ Stablecoin Investment Opportunities in the DeFi Ecosystem

Maybe you have stablecoins lying fallow in your wallet, they can be saved in exchange for up to 4–16 percent annual profit return (APR) on savings. In this article, we will look at different loan platforms, their APR, loan duration, minimum and maximum acceptable deposit.

Crypto Stablecoins As Passive Income Opportunity

JustLend is powered by the Tron blockchain and it is the biggest decentralized lending platform on the network, as it offers juicy APR to suppliers of stablecoins, with USDJ having the highest APY of 16.83 percent. There is no limit to the amount of money that can be saved on the platform, and users can withdraw at any time.

Jutlend APY

Cream Finance is a lending protocol that is part of Yearn Finance, it provides lending and borrowing services to individuals and organizations. Users can deposit six different stablecoins. And depositors may earn up to 11.56% on BUSD deposits.

Review of Cream Finance DeFi

Vesper Finance allows stablecoin holders to earn without effort. Compared to its competitors, Vesper offers 5.8% APR on USDC that is locked on the platform for one year. With a withdrawal fee of 15%, the ROI is further reduced to 4.93%.

Vesper Finance

Element Finance is a Defi platform that allows unlimited deposit of USDC, and DAI. Loan duration is 90 days which makes it more rewarding, and depositors have the option of leaving their deposits for as long as 365 days if they want

Overview of Element.Fi DeFi Platform

Venus is the first stablecoin issuer on the Binance network, and the ecosystem encourages savings of popular stablecoins.

Venus Protocol Review

Most of these platforms do not have minimum savings, but users may do due diligence on their liquidity. The most reasonable strategy is to avoid saving on platforms with low lending/borrowing liquidity.

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