What Is The Possibility of Zero Interest DeFi Loan? Let’s Talk About Marhaba DeFi

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The Problem of Existing DeFi Lending Protocols


The Foundation of Marhaba Decentralized Financing

The Islamic community forbids that Muslims should take or recieve interest based loan. In fact, in some hadiths, the Prophet Mohammed refered to interest as fire. Anyone who is involved in it is spiritually consuming fire that could burn him. Interest, also known as riba in Arabic, is a sin.

Source: Quran and Islam
Source: Biola Edu
Source: Wikipedia
  • Haram (sin)
  • Against Sustainable Development Goals (end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet)

Marhaba DeFi Solution


Comparison with Other Crypto Projects: Marhaba DeFi Versus Hubble Protocol


Marhaba DeFi’s Competitive Advantage

  • Mass Adoption and Scalability: having a zero interest DeFi lending platform on a blockchain like BSC is a good decision by the team, because there is a wide usage for the blockchain. It is the second most used blockchain after Ethereum.
  • Solid Partnership: The industry is getting wider every year, and it is hard to succeed alone without having alliance with established technical, media, and financial partners with similar goal. Hence, Marhaba DeFi is intentional about mutually beneficial partnerships. Having partners like Polygon, Sheesha Finance, Australian Gulf Capital, NewTribe Capital, Shariah Experts, Blockchain Australia, Neo Legal, Zero Swap, and zkSync is vital to Marhaba ecosystem.
  • Formidable Team: A brief look at the team behind Marhaba DeFi shows that it was founded by members with solid knowledge of blockchain, DeFi and Shariah law.

Marhaba DeFi Products

Liquidity Harvester: One of the ways that Marhaba intend to generate revenue is through its proprietary algorithm that is capable of generating up to 15% returns on stablecoin investment per year. The higher version of this algorithm will be able to invest into altcoins and even generate more than 15% returns per annum.

To Wrap It Up

If you have read this article to this point, it doesn’t matter whether you are a believer of Abrahamic religion or not. Every sane human would like to obtain interest free financial loan, because it is the only means to grow business sustainbly. So right now, you have all the right information about zero interst DeFi at your finger tips. What are you waiting for? By last quarter of 2022, the Marhaba DeFi will be launched and it will be made available for everyone.

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Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola has been trading cryptocurrency since 2015, and he is a blockchain content creator, and a crypto coach at Cryptoniche. You can connect with him on: https://t.me/cryptoniche_hangout



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Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

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