You Want to Start a Successful Crypto AMA Business? Read This Ultimate Guide

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My friend said that it is a difficult business, but young people are making money from it, and here is how they do it.

So what is it?

Cryptocurrency is creating a new set of jobs, and it is entirely created by young people who have access to a mobile device, the internet, and a few other tools that are available for free on the Play store or Apple store.

In this post, you will learn;

• About AMA business

• How to start it

• How to create unique selling points for your AMA business.

Dear reader, this new business will give you more than $1,000 every month and low overhead because you are not paying for inventory.

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AMA Event Organizing

If you are into the business, you can call yourself an AMA organizer.

For those who don’t know what AMA is, it is called ‘Ask Me Anything’ session.

Just like it sounds, they get paid between $150 to $250 for asking any question. huh?😄

Yes, depending on how tight your packaging is, the number of members, and track record, you could charge as much as $1,000.

Isn’t it weird?

Yes, I know it is.

Usually, AMA doesn’t last more than an hour.

Now you have seen the money, and you are probably asking questions like ‘how do I get started?’

Before I tell you the fundamentals, here are the tools that you need to start AMA event business that is targeted at cryptocurrency projects.

1. Twitter
2. Telegram
3. Internet
4. Smartphone and
5. Canva

As you can see, all these tools are free except for a smartphone. If you are reading this post, I am sure that you have one at your disposal.

If you are already into cryptocurrency trading, you have an advantage because you are familiar with crypto terms and this will aid your understanding of the projects that you are hosting.

But if this industry is new to you and you want to give this a try, all you need to learn about crypto is on the internet. Start from YouTube, buy courses or get a Coach. It is that easy.

Create a telegram group and start inviting people to join the group. Organize a telegram referral contest for your group members, and encourage them to invite their friends. This is how you can grow faster.

Then create a Twitter account, and encourage your members to follow your account and engage your tweets.

Learn the basics of Canva, you will need it for the logo design of your new business, and graphics design for your future AMA events. Acquire this skill, it will save you a lot of money.

If you want to stand out of crowd, make sure that you have an anti-bot system in your telegram group. Go to Google and type ‘Telegram anti-bot it will give you a lot of options that you can add to your group.

You don’t want a group where 80% of the members are fake telegram users, adding bots to your group will eliminate your chance of success.

2000 real members are more valuable than 200k bots (fake members). Most projects appreciate groups that have real users. Also, someone like me can tell if a group has fake users within 5 seconds, so it is easy to spot. You don’t want to follow that route.

If you have only 2,000 real members and 2.5k followers on Twitter, you can start sending proposals to different projects and invite them to have an AMA session in your group. Tell them your price instantly, don’t waste their time.

Lastly, there are so many ways to make money in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In fact, you don’t need to force yourself to become a crypto trader. It is just one out of over 200 ways to earn in crypto.

As AMA Organizer, You Will Not Get Any Crypto Project to Say YES Until You Do These…

Someone needs to say yes to your proposal before you get paid for your service.

But if you are doing it wrongly, no one will give you a chance.

I will give you valuable pointers on how to do it correctly.

So, let’s go to the main business.

I already told you to focus on real telegram group members.

If you do this, then you stand a big chance of success.


Create a beautifully designed proposal in PDF.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry.

You can use the Canva app, there are hundreds of proposal templates there, select one and customize it.

Open a LinkedIn account and connect with at least, 200 cryptocurrency projects and enthusiasts.

Then start inviting some low-cap projects for AMA.

When I say low-cap projects, I am talking about cryptocurrency projects whose market capitalization is between $1–5 million.

Offer them quality but free AMA. They only need to reward the community with their tokens.

Some of them will reject it, but this is fine. Don’t fret over it, this is normal.

Some will accept, then schedule a time and date.

Make a cool graphics design about it and announce it to your community.

Make your first 3 AMAs a free one, but reward your community for asking good questions.


Open a medium account for your crypto business.

Yes, it is a business. And if you don’t take it as business, you will not make significant money from it.

What am I supposed to do with a Medium account?


You need to make a transcript of the AMA and publish it on Medium. Some smart AMA organizer does it.

You can share the link with the AMA guest, they may share it on Twitter or telegram. This is will give you more publicity.

If they ever consider future AMA, they will think about you first.

Tell your community to go to medium, engage your medium articles, and follow and clap for all the published transcripts.

What’s next?

You have gradually built evidence of past jobs, and you are already standing out from the crowd.

Edit your proposal, and add details of projects that you have worked with.

Then future clients will start taking you seriously.

Don’t do it alone.

Train 3–5 other ACTIVE community members on how to propose to crypto projects. Give them a decent commission when they are able to strike deals.

Also, do NOT spam any group. Do it professionally.

Ask for the marketing team lead, and send your proposal through DM.

The project team doesn’t like it when you spam them with offers, but most of them will be somehow neutral about it. Despite this, never spam any group with proposals.

Go to the website, get the contact email address and send a personalized proposal that shows how much you understand the project goals.

If you can, send emails with custom email addresses, but this is not compulsory.

By following this route, you cannot go wrong.

Right now, you have all the necessary information on how to start a crypto AMA business and make it a success.

Start executing this correctly.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Cheers to your success.

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