You Will Lose All Your Money In Trust Wallet, Except You Do This Now!

It has come to my notice that lots of people are now losing their money on Trustwallet even when they did not give out their private keys to anyone.

I run a couple of cryptocurrency groups on Telegram and Whatsapp, then some of our members expressed that the Trustwallet is not as secure as people believe.

Well, maybe it is not secured, and maybe it is. But I am pleased to say that I have been using Trust wallet since they launched out, and I am yet to lose money by using it.

Before you say that the reason is that I don’t participate in AIRDROPS.

I want to say this…..

I used to run after airdrops, and I still do it if I am less busy. The only difference is that I focus more on trading and other crypto jobs, and I work with some cryptocurrency projects. When I find profitable airdrops, I do it so I can have useful information to share with my followers on Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram.

People get hacked because they participate in bot airdrop?

Really, it depends. You can never get hacked by giving out only your public wallet address.

I repeat.

Nobody can transfer your money because they know your public keys through airdrops…..

Can you get hacked because I know your Twitter handle? It is hard! Except the hack in an insider attack or the hacker gained access to my login credentials.

If your wallet can be compromised because I know your wallet address, the essence of blockchain has been defeated!

Here Are Reasons Why You Can Get Hacked

  1. You shared your private keys with people.
  2. You stored your private keys or seed phrase on the internet (email, whatsapp, telegram and so on)
  3. You gave UNLIMITED permission to a contract address that has the intention to transfer your funds.

Unlimited Permission…..Did you read it correctly?

This is a common action that many coiners or airdroppers make, especially when they are doing self-drop. When you are sending out 0 BNB to receive airdrop, it is likely that you are giving out unlimited permission for potential hacking.

Stop It!

Oh My Bad…

I have given several permissions, what can I do?

Watch this short tutorial now…

You will learn how to quickly revoke these permissions in 2 minutes.

Quickly Revoke Unauthorized BSC Addresses That Can Spend Your Tokens If you do not ask fast now, your money will be gone for life.

Don’t be the next viction of crypto hacks! Use this link and follow the instructions in the video

Protect your hard-earned money for life. I hate to listen to voice notes that are full of regrets.

Blockchain is God’s gift to mankind, we need to use it wisely.

Do you have any questions?

You can ask in the comment section of the video, or ask me here.

About the author

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